Company Philosophy

We think that one of the reasons why our team members care as much as they do about their quality of work is our corporate philosophies. Fashion Furniture Rental has adopted the Fish! and Raving Fan philosophies to engage our employees and push them to give you, our customer, the most comfortable and easy experience as possible. Below is a really brief explanation of some of our guiding principles:

We strive daily to foster the Fish! Philosophy in the workplace. Fish! is the philosophy of the individuals that work at the “World Famous” Pikes Place Market in Seattle. It is a way of life, it is all about creating something with your internal and external customers and making their day just a little better. It is about choosing to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to work each and every day in order to create an environment where people are truly connected to their work, their colleagues and their customers.

Fashion Furniture Rental believes that “Raving Fans,” by Ken Blanchard is the foundation of our service philosophy. Raving Fan service is based upon setting customer expectations and consistently delivering to exceed that expectation. To put it simply, we work to under-promise and over-deliver. Our team members strive to “deliver plus one percent” to create Raving Fans out of every one of our customers.