When Is The Best Time To Look For A New Apartment?

A new year often means new goals, new changes, perhaps a new apartment. You may be ready for a change in your living situation,  but when is the best time to move into your new pad? There are a lot of factors when it comes to looking for an apartment–price, inventory, and competition, for example. Despite claims, there is never a “perfect time” to move. Each season has its perks and drawbacks. Let’s take a look:

Fall and Winter

Many people are firm believers that the colder months are the best time to look for an apartment (Lifehacker says November is the sweet spot). During this time, competition to rent is low so you won’t be fighting hordes of people to turn in your lease application. As an added bonus, many apartment complexes have lower rent during the winter months since it takes more work to fill the units. However, it is important to keep in mind that even though competition is low, inventory is most likely to be a lot less than in the summer. Bottom line, you’re likely to score a killer rate on a great apartment, but it may take you some searching to find it. According to Rent.com, October-April are considered “winter” months for rentals

Spring and Summer

The spring and summer months triggers a lot of turnover–usually college kids leaving town for the summer, starting new jobs, etc. With the abundant of ending leases, there are usually loads of apartments up for grabs. Spring (beginning in May) and summer apartment hunting tends to have the opposite problem of looking in the winter–lots of apartments available, but also HIGH competition. Be prepared to look at a lot of places, and get passed over for someone else at least a few times.

No matter the time of year, apartment hunting can be quite a process. If you go into your search with these tips and tricks, it’ll be less of a battle and you’ll come out with fabulous place to call your own! Need more apartment hunting advice? Check out this post!

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  1. Maria Lopaz
    Maria Lopaz says:

    My friend looking for an apartment in winters. I think, this was the right time to relocate at new place. To locate at new place is not an easy task. Lots of problems there to shifting all the things from old to new apartment.

  2. Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell says:

    I had no idea that renting in the fall or winter was a good option because there aren’t as many people looking. I also like how you said that there could be many options in the warmer spring and summer months as well. My parents are looking to rent an apartment closer to us; thanks for the tips on when to look.


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