Airbnb and Furniture Rental: The Perfect Combination

Airbnb and Furniture Rental: The Perfect Combination

With Airbnb, 9flats, FlipKey, HomeAway, onefinestay, Tripping, Vacatia,, and WIMDU all out there today, your spare room, extra space, or even your whole apartment can be a great source of extra money. However, since you’re probably hoping to list your space on Airbnb or one of its competitors, you’ve got a challenge ahead of you: to make your place look as appealing as possible on a budget so you still turn a profit.

That’s where furniture rental comes to the rescue! Getting your place ready for Airbnb is a lot like home staging— using furniture to make your home more appealing to buyers. Home stagers typically rent coordinated furniture sets to ensure a home is picture perfect, and this is an ideal tactic for getting yourself highly-rated on Airbnb.

Airbnb and Furniture Rental

People who use Airbnb want to save money on a great place to stay. They also want a unique, yet comfortable and familiar rental. It’s about striking a balance between style and comfort: something beautiful and exciting to travelers, yet still homey and familiar. Your aim should be to appeal to the largest range of potential renters without spending any more than you must on your major purchases.

Why Furniture Matters in an Airbnb Rental

Your Airbnb is going to be seen, judged, and either chosen or passed over by people browsing photographs on the website. You only have a few seconds and several images to attract customers. Furniture is also central to the impressions your paying guests have of your place.

How Furniture and Decor Can Increase Your Rental Income

Keeping in mind your goal—to appeal to as many people as you can with the lowest overhead costs—here are the best ways to decorate your Airbnb for the masses:

  • Choose neutral paint colors for the walls, and stick with natural woods as you select furniture.
  • Add character and style with accent pieces. A single statement piece such as a colorful sofa or rug, a piece of pottery, or a painting can serve as the room’s focal point, with everything else in neutral and complimentary colors and fabrics.
  • A mix of textures keeps your place visually interesting. Use decorative fabrics on slipcovers, throw pillows, wall hangings, and window coverings.
  • More beds means more rental income. Think like a hotel does; in your spare room include two full-size beds, and instead of the classic “roll-away,” choose a sleeper sofa or futon for the living room. For the master bedroom, get the biggest mattress possible for the space. In order for more people to be able to stay in your place, you can also offer a cot or an air mattress.
  • Choose details that look great as they protect your place; for example, use rugs and doormats to save the floors.

And remember what to avoid:

  • Unnecessary clutter and items that are too quirky or personal. This means putting your comic book collection elsewhere, and taking down that political poster from college. This also means taking your own toiletries and photographs out of the Airbnb.
  • Don’t bother with furniture that costs an arm and a leg. Your guests want comfort, but spending a fortune on furniture is counter to your goals. It’s not your dream home: it’s a rental for vacationers.

Why Rent From Fashion Furniture

What are your options for finding furniture that looks great and feels comfortable without breaking the bank? You can take your chances with Craigslist if you live in a city. If you do, though, you’re probably not going to be able to create a coherent look piecemeal. We’re not saying don’t bother looking at Craigslist or other ads for used furniture—but don’t rely only on these sources, or you’ll end up short.

Another option is to shop retail. How many of us, though, are able to waltz into a store and drop enough money to buy furniture and accessories to fill an apartment? The smarter alternative is higher-end rental furniture—like you find at Fashion Furniture.

Our merchandise looks great in homes on the real estate market, executive apartment rentals, model homes, and even at special events and on movie sets. At Fashion, it’s easy to rent a complete set of furniture for any room, or all of them. This not only saves you money and time; it also allows you to get a space designed by a professional, because our sets are coordinated by designers.

  • Renting furniture from Fashion is a guarantee of modern, attractive, high-quality furniture ensembles that are a great match for your place, both functionally and aesthetically.
  • You save money on designer furniture—in fact, you get modern looking sets at a huge discount.
  • You don’t have to move or set up anything.
  • When your renters and their needs change, so can your décor; you can change out the furniture set whenever you need to.
  • You create a fantastic rental with no maintenance costs.

Come in and speak to the professionals at Fashion to find out more about why Airbnb and furniture rental are the perfect combination. Start making that extra income sooner with a beautiful, affordable, total home look for your rental from Fashion.

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