How to Furnish Your Apartment on a Student Budget

It is no secret that the financial burden of college is heavy. With tuition, text books, rent, food, and various expenses running amuck, furnishing your home can seem like a task that your college budget just does not account for. Luckily there are various ways you can save your hard-earned dollars while making sure your home is looking good, and your personal style is intact.

Making your own décor is a great way to save some dough. Simple arts and crafts can add character, homeliness, and of course, style. The greatest part is many previously owned materials can be revamped with a simple coat of paint, lights, glue, and a little creativity. Not only are these projects affordable but they are fun, providing bonding time for roommates or personal time for yourself. Pinterest is a great place to find the newest in DIY and get you started on your journey.

Thrift stores, second hand stores, or websites like Craigslist are great places to find unique décor at affordable prices. Often pieces are in great condition, and if not they can easily be refurbished. You never know what you are going to find, between artwork, rugs, pillows and much more, you may just get lucky! Additionally, discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, or Home Goods often carry housewares and decor at discounted prices.

Renting Furniture
Instead of worrying about finding inexpensive furniture that may not to look good or last long, consider renting furniture. You get the utmost style and do not have to deal with the hassle of buying your own. Minimal effort is required when renting furniture, and with a busy student lifestyle this is very important. Rental furniture is delivered, arranged how you would like it, then taken away when you’re don—no sweat off your back! Plus, splitting the costs with your roommates makes this option very cost affordable.

While furnishing your college home may seem like a huge task, there are many cost effective alternatives to ensure comfort, style, and ease. All you need is a little patience and creativity! Good luck!

Furnishing Your Backyard for an Outdoor Event

Getting ready to host some amazing backyard get togethers this year? Or maybe you’re going all out and planning a major event like a wedding or family reunion? Either way, furnishing your backyard for an outdoor event is one of your most important tasks—and potentially one of the ways you can be most creative as you plan your bash. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting your backyard ready for any event.


Sit down and stay awhile

Make sure you’ve got adequate seating for all of your guests, and squeezing together on the edge of the planters doesn’t count. Refer to your final guest list and calculate how much seating you need. Then decide what kind of seating you want, and what will fit in the space.


If you don’t have enough seating, rent chairs. There are all kinds of options out there from streamlined folding chairs to full-sized cloth-upholstered dining room style chairs. Space, budget, and imagination are your only limits here, but be sure above all else that no one will end up standing around for hours.


Accent with color

An ordinary backyard can look extraordinary with the right additions of color. Paper lanterns in brilliant colors transform your yard into a party. Table linens in lovely shades draw your guests in and make them want to see what’s on the table.


Fresh or silk flowers in watering cans, painted crates, milk cans or bottles, stenciled jars, and other whimsical vessels can brighten up any space and lend the yard a more finished party atmosphere. If you can, add pillows or cushions to your chairs; comfortable guests stick around, and these accents are another great place to add color and texture.


Set a formal table

A backyard event can run the gamut from casual to formal. If you are going for a more formal evening event, rent real dining furniture to provide a stunning, over-the-top opulence. You will love how your china looks on a real table with linens in your yard under some fairy lights in the evening—a folding table makes no comparison.


Serve it up

If you’re throwing a larger event with a meal, you’re going to need large tables as well as chairs, and possibly food and beverage stations. Work from your guest list to be sure your seating is adequate. A bar works well for serving drinks, of course, and if you don’t have one you can often rent one. Any type of table can work in a pinch, so long as you’re sure there is enough space for serving.


As for food, if you want people to serve themselves, it’s usually better to have a surface that’s low enough to be reachable to all of your guests. If you’re using a caterer, ask them how much space is needed to set up the serving stations. If you’re doing it yourself, plan ahead so you’re positive you’ve got the right set up.


The kids area

If there are children coming to your event, create a space just for them. They’ll need places to sit and eat too, and ideally an area to play in where they won’t be disrupting any party business or getting in the way.


Plan out the space

As you consider which furnishings you need and want for your outdoor event, remember to consider not only the number of guests, but where you’ll want to be and what you’ll be doing. Your goal should be to create areas for guests to gather and mingle within those constraints.


For example, let’s say you’re having an all day/evening family reunion. You want people to be able to snack and eat anytime, but there’s no formal time to sit down and eat together. You want people to be able to play games in part of the yard. You also want an area for watching slides and old movies, and beyond that you just want people to be able to catch up. These activities will form the furniture “zones” in your yard.


As you choose furniture to rent for this example reunion event, think about your zones. You’ll want a buffet area with some tables and chairs in one part of the yard. You’ll want a games area in another, with at least some chairs, and maybe one table to hold drinks and other things. You’ll want a movie/slides space with comfortable seating surrounding a table or two, kind of like a living room space, only outside—and it will need to be convenient to an outlet. Finally, you’ll want one or more “conversation pits” with comfy seating and tables.


The bottom line

Furnishing your backyard the right way for your outdoor event can really make the difference, turning it into the success you’re hoping for. Especially for larger or more formal events, renting your furnishings so you’ve got exactly what you want and enough capacity for all of your guests makes your task far easier. If you’re looking for advice about renting furniture for an outdoor event, reach out to Fashion Furniture. We’re eager to help you with whatever you need—and we love parties!

What Is Your Design Style Quiz?

Everyone has their own design style and preferences, find out your home decor personality type by taking our design style quiz. Fulfill your decor needs by renting a complete home rental furniture set from Fashion Furniture Rental.

 Everyone has their own design style and preferences, find out your home decor personality type by taking our design style quiz. Fulfill your decor needs by renting a complete home rental furniture set from Fashion Furniture Rental.

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Tackle Your Spring Cleaning Chores

Spring means warm weather, longer days, outdoor adventures, and of course, spring cleaning.

The change into the warmer months often signals a need to deep clean the house (something about spring, fresh flowers and the general “newness” of the season, perhaps). Now let’s be real–for most people, the idea of an immaculate and pristine home sounds wonderful, but the thought of doing the actual cleaning is dreadful (unless you’re channeling your inner Monica Geller à la “Friends”). Fret not! We’ve put together Fashion’s Ultimate Guide for Hassle-Free Spring Cleaning.

First, make a home cleaning list. Writing everything down will keep you organized and will keep your from aimlessly wandering around your house trying to figure out what to do next. What should you add to your list? The big “must clean” items tend to be under the sofa, vacuuming the edges/corners of all the rooms, cleaning out vents. Organize the rest of your list by room so you know exactly what to get done. Check out a room-by-room cleaning guide here, and sample spring cleaning lists here and here.

Additionally, think about the small things you can do around the house. Small actions can make a BIG impact, especially when it comes to organizing and decluttering a space. Revamp a junk drawer, organize a book shelf, and be vigilant about throwing stuff away.

Once your to-do list is finalized, break up the chores. Don’t attempt to do everything in one go! You won’t get it done, you’ll get frustrated, you’ll abandon your tasks, and nothing will be clean. Take our advice–spread out those tasks.

Lastly, commit to cleaning year-round. You don’t necessarily have to do deep-clean regularly (but if you want do, that’s cool!) By holding yourself accountable by doing small things during the year, you’ll not only keep your home looking cleaner on a daily basis, but you’ll save yourself from having to painstakingly set aside hours and hours of time to clean everything at once. Try this method for a few weeks and you may be surprised at how much easier it is to keep your place looking spic and span.

And, if part of your spring cleaning resolution includes a total furniture revamp, considering renting furniture for a fresh look! Contact Fashion Furniture Rental to get started.


Decorate with the Pantone Color of The Year

Have you heard? The new Pantone 2017 color of the year is Greenery, a fresh color that emulates those first few days of spring. (Unfamiliar with Pantone? Check them out here!) Now that you’re in the know about the hottest color trend, how can you incorporate Greenery into your home? Better Home & Gardens has you covered:

Accent Wall

Dive right into the color trend of the year with a statement wall. Gorgeous green pulls natural light in from windows and instantly gives your bedroom that cheerful upgrade it’s been lacking. Blue bedding and furniture provides a natural color complement.

Greenery Accent Wall

Bring The Outdoors In

Expect to see a lot more indoor plants this year with Greenery on the rise. But don’t fret if you lack a green thumb — air plants are low maintenance yet still seamlessly connect your interior escape to your backyard oasis.


All About Accents

Don’t have the budget for an extreme makeover? There’s nothing a few throw pillows can’t fix! Bring flourishes of green into your home with pillows, blankets, wall art, and more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast this natural color can liven up a room.


Draping Beauty

This zesty green shade shines most when close to its natural habitat. Dress your windows with new drapes that complement the foliage outside. Pro tip: Drapes long enough to brush the floor make a cramped room appear larger.


Faded Trend

If you have a soft spot for muted colors, this faded green hue may better align with your design style. Pale green still achieves a fresh look but doesn’t overwhelm your senses. We love pairing this color with a dark brick fireplace.

Faded Trend

Sitting Pretty

Consider Pantone’s Color of the Year if you have furniture shopping on your horizon. Greenery looks perfect in a sunroom or screened-in porch. The color invites you to sit down and make yourself at home.

Sitting Pretty

Natural Art

You don’t have to water daily to achieve a home with natural beauty. Check out this seriously cool plant art. Larger-than-life leaves bring excitement to this cozy living room. We love all the natural elements that come with Greenery!

Natural Art


Tinted Tile

Inexpensive tile is a great way to incorporate color into your home. Change the entire look of your kitchen by outfitting the backsplash in vibrant green tile. Trust us — this will stun your guests!

Tinted Tile

Look Up

Turn your hallway makeover on its head! If you’re at a loss for inspiration, paint your hallway ceiling a burst of color that will shock guests. We love how this paint treatment draws the eye up to showcase a gorgeous chandelier.

Look Up

An Apple Day

This is certainly the easiest, and tastiest, tip on our list! If you can’t get Greenery in your home fast enough, take a trip to the grocery store! Fill your kitchen with fresh green fruits, like these picture-perfect apples. Pair with lemons for a complementary centerpiece that’s almost too cute to eat.

An Apple a day


Simple Tips For Decorating Your Small Apartment For Christmas

If you’re struggling on how to incorporate your love for all things Christmas into your small apartment space, we’ve got the perfect guide for you! From simple twinkle lights to colorful ornaments, these ideas will have you busting out the eggnog and signing Christmas carols in no time!