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Who Rents Furniture (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered who rents furniture? Some of the answers may surprise you! Here are some of the people who rent furniture in the U.S.:

Who Rents Furniture Infographic


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  • Real estate agents and home stagers: professionals who sell and rent homes rent furniture so their properties sell and rent faster, at better prices.


  • People selling or renting their homes: individuals that need to sell or rent their homes and apartments do the same thing, improving their odds on the market.


  • Airbnb hosts: people who want to rent their room, home, apartment, trailer, or other space on sites like Airbnb rent furniture so their spaces look fabulous and inviting to visitors.


  • People getting divorced: it’s an unfortunate fact of life that if you’re getting a divorce or breaking up, you need your own place fast, and on a budget; furniture rental is made for this situation.


  • Professionals relocating or traveling for work: people who need to travel for work may need more than one home base, each one with furniture. They also might need to relocate, and renting furniture saves time, effort, and money.


  • Actors, athletes, and musicians: an athlete changing teams, an actor working on a new show, or a musician with a new gig might need to be in another city for awhile, but not permanently. Renting furniture in a new place is perfect for them.


  • Students: international students who come to the U.S. often rent furniture. So do students moving from state to state as they get their degrees. Even students who aren’t in a new state but who are off campus for the first time, or just in a new place often rent furniture. They don’t need permanent furniture yet, but they do need furniture to study.



There are lots of great reasons to rent furniture! That’s why so many different people are doing it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Rental Furniture Set for You

Everyone wants to love the space they live in. The right furniture can mean the difference between a space you’re just passing the time in and a real home that you love. Choosing the best rental furniture set for you means balancing comfort, functionality, style, and value the right way. No one can set those parameters for you, but here at Fashion Furniture Rental, we have years of experience and tons of great ideas—so we’re pretty confident when we offer you these tips for choosing the best rental furniture set for you.


First, clarify your absolute needs

When it comes to a rental furniture set you probably have plenty of wants (“I love the look of dark leather upholstery”) and at least a few needs (“I need this furniture set to be in place by next week”). Start your journey toward finding the right set by clarifying what your absolute deal-breaking needs are. These will set the boundaries for your search; anything that doesn’t fit inside those parameters is impossible for you, no matter how much you like it, so don’t confuse the issue by considering sets that aren’t possibilities.


Move on to personal style

Think of how much time and effort you spend finding the right look for one event that’s important to you. Maybe it’s a charity ball or a graduation, or a wedding or some other special event, but whatever it is, you spend weeks of time creating your one-of-a-kind look—and all for just one night, right? Furniture is something you live with every single day for the long haul. It should take up at least as much planning time and capture your personal style as well.


Also, keep in mind that you’re looking for rental furnishings that “fit in” with your existing style while adding something new and fresh. Make sure that whatever style you choose, it matches well enough while staying innovative.


Plan your space and your furniture room by room

If you’re moving into a new place, take the time to think about what each room will be. What will you do in each room? Will one of your bedrooms be a den or an office? Make sure you know so that you’re getting the right rental furniture set. As you consider the layout and size of the home, you might come up with new, interesting ways to lay everything out—and that’s a great thing.


Focus on functionality

As you search for the perfect rental furniture set, examine each piece you’re considering individually as well as within the package. You need to be able to specify the unique role of every piece you rent. This helps you avoid the problems of careless spending and poor planning, and to organize your home in the most efficient way.



Cost is a critical factor to just about anyone shopping for rental furniture—or anything else, for that matter. The costs for different finishes, colors, and textiles can vary and cause your total rental bill to change. Remember to only choose pieces that are essential for your space, and that value is also determined by how well pieces will last over time.


The bottom line

At Fashion Furniture, we are your local rental furniture experts. No matter what your goals are, we can help you choose the best rental furniture set for you. Reach out to us anytime for more details and assistance in choosing furniture for your home.


The Benefits of Renting Furniture During a Life Transition

Although many people prefer to rent furniture without any particular occasion prompting them, going through a life change is an especially wise time to rent furniture. Naturally, everyone handles major events in life differently, but for most people, there are some common themes to watch for. Here are some of the benefits of renting furniture during a life transition, and some ways to make the most of this awesome option.



If you’re about to get married and start a household together with another person, you may not be entirely prepared to buy everything you need right away—especially if you just paid for a wedding and honeymoon! Renting furniture in your newly married home is a wonderful way to recoup some money in those early days of wedded bliss, and put off the need to buy furniture for awhile.



Yes, although it may seem ironic to have both of these events here, it’s absolutely accurate to say that moving out again and starting your own household again can be an expensive prospect. Hopefully, your divorce is an amicable one, but if you’re paying for a lawyer, you are probably not ready to spend much money on things like home furnishings. Still, you can rent stylish, comfortable furniture at a fraction of the cost you’d buy it for, and avoid feeling like you’re back in college with nothing but a futon.



If you’re moving into a new place, renting furniture can be a lifesaver—especially if it’s a major move over a long distance. Moving is enough of a challenge; moving into a place that’s turnkey makes it a lot easier. Just ask anyone who’s had to move overseas:


“When I moved back to the States from Germany, I knew that my household goods would not arrive for 3 or 4 months. I could have sat on a dark floor huddled in a blanket, but I went straight to work. Renting enough furniture to get me through the waiting period was essential. The company provided enough kitchen ware, a dining room table, and chairs. I also found a sofa with end tables and a coffee table, plus a bedroom suite. It was so wonderful to walk into my apartment with everything already set up. If I ever find myself in that position again, I won’t hesitate to rent again.” Says Mary Ellen, the Lead Copy Writer at Parker’s Voice.


Renting or selling your home

If you’re working to rent or sell your home and you’re no longer living there, it can be a challenge to give the place the homey, comfortable look it needs to feel like home to potential renters or buyers. Renting furniture to make the property look perfect is a fantastic solution to this problem:


“As part of my job I’ve cleaned or supervised jobs for many rental properties in London, and my opinion is based on my experience with them. Renting furniture fits extremely well with home staging. It is quite convenient for people who are sprucing up their properties for the purpose of selling it. Usually, buyers won’t pay much attention to unfurnished properties, and this is where furniture rental steps in. It is a great way to increase the value of a house and make it more attractive to the potential buyers without paying a fortune.” Says Harriet Jones, cleaning and maintenance supervisor of Go Cleaners London.


The bottom line

Major life events can present some of the best times to rent furniture. Renting furniture provides you with a stunning look for less money and no hassles—and when you’re in the midst of a life transition, saving money, time, and energy are almost always of high importance. As your household changes with marriage or divorce, or you make a major move to a new city, or your place your house on the market for sale or rent, renting furniture is often a fantastic choice.

The Advantages of Renting Furniture from a Small Business

At Fashion Furniture Rental, we make it a point to showcase our small business attitude. There are so many benefits to working with a family owned company! We love to see that each of our customers takes advantage of each one of them. That’s why today we’re posting about the many benefits of working with a small, family-owned business, whether you’re renting furniture or doing just about anything else.

Buying local is great for your local economy

Improve your local economy by supporting a small, family business. More of your money will stay in your community when you do; research shows that $68 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in town, whereas only $43 of each $100 spent in a big box store stays local. What’s more, family businesses support each other. They source locally and keep the community thriving, especially since they’re deeply invested in their locality.


Family businesses are efficient

Many people think a smaller family business won’t be as efficient as a big company, but actually, the opposite is usually true! A family “team” can meet and discuss a game plan for the business day and get right to work on it. Speed is the natural result of a lack of middlemen and red tape.


Better service

If you have ever been forced to try and wrangle good service out of a large corporation, you know how difficult it can be. You find yourself calling to ask for help, only to be connected to a call center somewhere around the world—but not before you’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. And while you may have a friendly representative, they have no power over your case, nor are they invested in the outcome. When you work with a small, family business you’re talking to the whole business each time you come in. Your problems are taken seriously and resolved. At Fashion, we’re proud to say that no matter when you call us–day or night–you’ll be connected to a customer care team member.


The personal touch

In addition to customer service that’s better and more effective, a small family business gives you the personal touch you can’t get anywhere else. Shopping at this kind of business allows you to know the people you’re working with, and forge a connection. It also allows them to know you! This means they’ll understand what you want and need, and they will be able to craft bespoke solutions just for you. If you want tailored options, ask a small family business.


Innovation passes from one generation to the next

Innovation isn’t owned by huge tech companies alone! Businesses that can’t stay current can’t keep their customers happy. A family business gets a fresh infusion of energy and great ideas regularly as younger members of the family join the company. This means better ideas and more innovative strategies.


Local flavor

Keep your community unique by supporting the local flavor of a small business. These are the businesses that make a community what it is. There may be a Starbucks and a Wal-Mart in every town, but that small business run by a local family in your area is one-of-a-kind, and along with other local business, they are setting your town apart from every other place in the world. As you get better service, more unique products, and the personal touch, you are helping your community remain a unique destination.


The bottom line

When you’re in the market for beautiful, stylish furniture to rent, avoid the big box. The advantages of renting furniture from a small business include better service, a stronger and more unique local economy, more efficiency and innovation, and the personal touch. With so many benefits, there’s no better way to find the comfort and look you want for your home. Fashion Furniture Rental has furniture for every lifestyle. Shop our complete home packages and furniture collections to make your new space feel like home.


Tips for Keeping Your Rental Furniture Clean


If you’ve rented a great looking piece of furniture, you’ve probably made that decision in part to save money; that’s why you didn’t buy it outright. However, if you don’t take care of that furniture, you can find yourself keeping it anyway—and not in the wonderful condition you got it! Keeping your rental furniture looking amazing has to be a high priority, and with a little care, you can easily make it happen.. Here are our best tips for keeping your rental furniture in tip-top shape.


Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly

Experts don’t always agree about how often you should vacuum your upholstered furniture, but they all agree that it needs to be done. A standard rule of thumb is once every one to three months. Always use the vacuum’s brush or upholstery attachment, or cover the hose with a soft cloth if you don’t have the attachment—this prevents any damage to the fabric.


Fluff and flip

Beyond vacuuming, upholstered furniture with cushions needs fluffing and flipping. To maintain their comfort and shape, fluff the cushions just like you would a bed pillow, and do this about once a week. Then, about every other week you should flip your cushions. This allows them to maintain their shape and wear evenly.


Read the tags

You’ve probably heard the saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”; remember that you need to read your furniture tags because one sofa’s cleaning solution is another sofa’s damaging chemical. Not all upholstery cleaners are safe on all fabrics! The tag will tell you what’s safe to use.

W = it’s safe to use foaming or water-based cleaning agents.

S = water and water-based products are NOT safe to use and may damage the fabric; use water-free cleaning solvents or dry clean.

SW = use foaming or water-based cleaning agents, or mild water-free cleaning solvents, but only one at a time.

furnX = vacuuming only.


Test first

If you’ve never used a cleaner on a fabric or you don’t have tags to check, test a small area on the back or near the bottom of the piece—somewhere that isn’t noticeable—in case there is damage.


Avoid bright sunlight, intense heat, and high humidity

Bright sunlight can fade both fabrics and wood furniture. High heat can dry out and eventually crack leather and wood. Extreme humidity can cause mildew and warping. Keep furniture arranged out of direct sunlight if possible, and control the climate.


Keep food and drinks away from furniture

We all know not to spill things on the sofa, yet we all love to eat there in front of the television. However, this is one of the serious danger zones for your furniture, and the danger grows exponentially if you have children or guests drinking wine or other alcohol. Play it safe: keep the food and drinks away from your upholstered furniture.

Respond to spills immediately

However, when you don’t keep the food and drinks away, and disaster strikes, don’t let it sit! Blot spills gently and right away. Then clean as directed for the surface.


Use a stain protecting spray

If your rental contract allows it, invest in a stain protecting spray that can keep spills from being absorbed into the upholstery. These buy you time to clean up quickly; they do not render your furniture impervious to damage.


Stick to a schedule

If you know you need to vacuum upholstery every three months, set it on your schedule. Likewise, if you’re on a schedule for fluffing and flipping cushions, or any other maintenance, make it part of cleaning your routine.


Invest in professional cleaning

Even the most fastidious housekeeper should consider investing in professional upholstery cleaning about once a year so that whatever grime and dirt gets on your furniture never sets in. When you provide regular upkeep and an annual cleaning from a pro, your upholstery will stay beautiful.


Use slipcovers

If you have furniture that gets used less often, consider covering it with slipcovers—or just a clean sheet if you’re just looking to keep things clean on a budget. This stops dust from collecting on the surface and then being ground into the fabric when someone sits down, and it can also guard against a pet hair takeover.


Protect surfaces

Protect your tabletops with coasters, glass coverings, placemats, runners, or tablecloths, especially if you have young artists in the house.


The bottom line

Keeping furniture showroom new isn’t always possible, but you can definitely keep it looking fantastic with some simple preventative maintenance. Remember these tips for keeping your rental furniture clean, and you’ll never need any tips for cleaning furniture! You’ll also be protecting your money-saving investment.


Stay Productive In Your Home Office

Working from home definitely has it’s perks. You can roll right out of bed into the office, the fridge is close by, every day is “bring your dog to work day”, and you can easily answer all those emails you’ve been avoiding while on a conference call. While that’s all great, distractions happen, especially at home–the TV is near by, the couch is comfortable, and you have the option of staying in sweats all day. Learn how to reap the benefits of working remotely and stay productive.

Declutter your desk 

Keeping your desk nice and neat lets you concentrate on the task at hand. Anything you don’t use on a daily basis, put away in an (organized) drawer. Anything that sits on your desk but you don’t actually use, toss it. Only keep the essentials out–writing utensils, notepad, calendar, post its (if you’re feeling dangerous!) It’s unrealistic to think your desk will never get messy, so to keep your work space from becoming a dumping ground day after day, dedicate a few minutes at the end of each work day to re-organize and declutter what’s piled up.


While the experts recommend you keep your desk clutter minimal, that doesn’t mean your office space needs to be sparse as well! Hang your favorite photos, get a funky lamp, or display posters with your favorite quotes for daily motivation. You spend a lot of time in your office–your space should reflect the personality and vibe you want to cultivate in your work.

Take breaks with a purpose

It’s tempting to click over to Facebook or scroll through Instagram when we need to hit pause. Next time, try an activity that gives you a break from work but is still beneficial, like a walk around the block or brushing up on industry news. Make sure your break is long enough to feel refreshed, but not so long that you get distracted from getting back to work.

Dress The Part

Just because you’re working from home and not seeing coworkers on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you should hang in your pajamas all day long. Keep your comfy clothes for vegging on the couch, and wear your work threads when it’s time to get down to business. Defining the line between work and play, even at home, will help you stay productive throughout the day.

Pick Appropriate Furniture

Don’t throw any ol’ desk and chair in your home office. Like clothes, your office furniture will help you focus and be ready to work. Pick something that’s functional and something you won’t mind looking at every day. Be sure to also pick a chair that is comfortable. Ask Fashion how you can add a home office to your furniture rental order. We can help you create a space that will keep you productive and motivated all day long!

Why You Should Rent Furniture

The one question we get asked the most here at Fashion Furniture Rental is “why should I rent furniture?” If you’re moving to a new city or need to find an apartment to rent quickly, renting furniture may be your easiest and best option. Let’s break it down