Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Mattress Rental and a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re in school, you probably already know how elusive a good night’s sleep can be for students. The old cliché of the all-nighter lingers, but research proves that sacrificing sleep can negatively impact your grades, not to mention your health over time. Here are some tips for developing healthy sleep habits for students—and advice on how a mattress rental can help student get their best night’s sleep.

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Why Sleep Matters

While it might seem to be a mundane activity, sleep is a crucial part to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. It contributes not only to your physical health, but to your mental and emotional well-being as well. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s article, How Much Sleep Do We Really Need, adults (aka anyone 18 and over) should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. School-aged children need 8-11 hours. (Raise your hand if you don’t meet this on a regular basis. Guilty as charged over here).

What can a good night’s sleep really do? Consistently getting a good night’s sleep can lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and helps to keep your hormone levels stable. Sleep also can improve memory and  the learning process–when you fall asleep, your brain “practices” the skills you tackled while you were awake, according to They also say a full night of snoozing can additionally help children pay better attention in school, curb mood swings, and decrease impulsive behavior.

Ready to snooze? Check out these tried and true tips for getting your best night’s sleep and feeling refreshed.

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