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Tips For A Smooth Move Out Day For Students

Tips For A Smooth Move Out Day For Students

So, you’re finished with school for the year—or maybe for good! It’s time to move out. Moving is always somewhat of a chore, but there are ways to make your move out day smoother and easier. Here are some tips for a smooth move out day for students who want to keep it simple.

Start Smart: Rent Your Furniture

When you buy your furniture, you pay more for less and are stuck with it—that much is a given. But beyond that, you’re actually paying more to lose out on a lot of convenience that renting can give you. When you choose furniture rental, not only does the company deliver and set up your furniture, someone else can disassemble and take the furniture away, making move out day that much easier. That process also lowers your moving and storage bills in a major way.

Plan Ahead

The night before the move, if you’re still figuring out how or when you’re going to pack things, where you’ll store your stuff, or what to do with the cat, you’ve waited a little too long. Don’t do this to yourself; plan ahead. You can get everything done—even if you have a huge house and a family—with eight weeks of lead time.

As a general frame of reference, about eight weeks before the move, know who the movers are, even if they’re your friends. Make sure you have a truck secured for the big day. At about six weeks, start filling out forms (like change of address, new insurance) and clean out closets and lesser-used cabinets. At four weeks before the move, make sure your new utilities are set. Know where your moving supplies like boxes and packing tape are coming from.

At two weeks to moving, start packing! With one week left, confirm things like reservations for moving trucks and pet sitting. With a few days left before the move, you should mostly be done.

Know What Your School Requires

If you’re living on campus or off-campus in housing that’s connected to the school in any way, make sure you know about any move out rules they’ve set. You don’t want to be halfway across the country only to learn that you were supposed to meet with someone from Housing in your old place. Check this out several weeks before you move—everyone else is moving out too, so Housing will be busy.

Don’t Forget About Cleaning

The furniture rental place came, you’ve packed all of your things, and the place is finally empty—except for the garbage that is somehow piled up in every corner, and the 2 inches of dust that seems to be caking everything. Gross!

The problem is that you also packed your cleaning supplies, right? Don’t forget this part. Not only can you lose your deposit, it’s just plain rude to leave your place like that. If you know you won’t have time to do it yourself, call a cleaning service. A one-time cleaning probably won’t break your bank and may just get you that deposit back.

Good Luck

It’s time to move on to the next big adventure. If you rent your furniture, plan ahead, know what your school requires during move outs, and remember to clean, you’re going to be in great shape!


Renting Furniture in LA

Renting Furniture in LA

Are you curious about renting furniture in LA? Lots of people are, because moving in Los Angeles is not only expensive, it’s also a hassle! Our LA customers are looking for the right look, with furniture that is stylish, modern, makes the best use of their space, affordable, and hassle-free. The Fashion Furniture showroom in Los Angeles is the source for renting furniture in LA that meets every one of those requirements.

Renting High-End Furniture in Los Angeles

Back in the day, rental furniture options were limited, but those days are over. Renting high-end furniture in Los Angeles is easy with Fashion. At Fashion Furniture, we carry everything from sleek, modern-looking furniture to high-end designs you might see on the big screen or in the pages of a home and garden magazine. We know our customers want to keep up with the trends, so we do it for them. Anytime you browse for rental furniture in LA with us, you’re choosing from the newest looks and the best quality.

Coordinated Rental Furniture Saves You Time

In LA, every square foot of space comes at a premium price. When you throw together furniture you picked up here and there, you don’t just pay for it aesthetically; you also spend lots of hours fighting traffic and going from store to store to mix and match what you want for your home. On the other hand, when you rent furniture, you get a coordinated set that was literally made to work together in a space. For that seamless ability to fit like a glove inside your space, ask our talented design staff for help. Either way, you’ll be saving time by renting furniture.

Stylish Furniture Rentals

Everyone needs furniture, of course, but that doesn’t mean our Los Angeles customers don’t want style. We know that our customers are looking not just for a deal; they want to create a certain look and feel in their homes. At Fashion, we can help you get the right rental furniture to help you express your personal style, with the best brand names and the hottest looks for your home.

Renting Furniture in LA is Hassle Free

Let’s face it: hauling furniture around is a hassle. One of the main reasons people rent furniture is so they don’t have to deal with this. At Fashion Furniture, our business is taking the hassle out of your life. We can ensure that your place is ready for move in when you are, from the last fork in the drawer to the smallest decorative detail. No truck rental, no heavy lifting, no unpacking, no assembly: just a beautifully decorated home, ready for you when you walk in the door.

The best part isn’t even on that first day, when you walk into your new turnkey home. It’s when you’re ready to move again! When it’s time to go or you’re just ready for a change, leave that to us. Simply let us know when you are done with your furniture. Just like we brought it to you and set it up for your move-in day, we come get it again on the move-out day. It’s so easy!

Beautiful Furniture within Your Budget

One of the best things about renting furniture in LA is cost. Living in Los Angeles is expensive enough! Renting furniture saves you time, hassle, and it can also save you plenty of money, making LA a much easier place to live. Our team at Fashion can help you figure out that budgetary sweet spot for furniture to rent in LA. We’ll make sure you love the way it looks, too.

Fashion Furniture in Los Angeles

Fashion Furniture is the best option for renting furniture in LA. Come see us today and find out why we have so many loyal customers who choose Fashion again and again.

Why Having the Perfect Couch Leads to More Quality Family Time

Why Having the Perfect Couch Leads to More Quality Family Time

Although you may not have considered it, the perfect couch is an important element in your quest for more quality family time. Especially since you probably spend a lot of your time working—and your kids spend time at school and pursuing activities—you all need a central spot in the house that belongs to everyone. The couch is the heart of that spot. Here are some reasons why the perfect couch is so important for family time, along with some tips for finding that perfect couch, and creating that family time space.

The Neutral Zone

The living room is one of the few places in the home that’s a neutral, inclusive zone. Everyone spends time there, and everyone has a claim to that space. This is always great when times are easy and what you’re doing is fun, but it’s even more important when it’s time for a serious talk or some emotional bonding time. The couch is the epicenter of the neutral zone in your home, where everyone can be part of the conversation.

Family-friendly Activities

Think about all of the best family-friendly things you and your kids love to do. Game night? Playing video games? Watching movies? Cuddling with your family’s pets? Just hanging around and laughing? Aside from things that you do outside, most of the best family-friendly activities take place on your couch in your living room. Make sure your couch is up to all of them, with enough space and comfort for everyone, from the head of the household to the family dog and cat.

Special Occasions

When you recall some of your family’s special occasions, your couch probably played an important supporting role, even if you didn’t think about it at the time! Each year opening gifts next to the tree, meeting someone’s new boyfriend or girlfriend, and sitting together after a family meal during the holidays all center around the family couch.

Searching for the Perfect Family-friendly Couch

If you’re ready to find a new couch for your living room, consider the importance of this family-friendly space as you shop, and follow these handy tips:

  • Know your space. Measure the space where the couch will go. You may think you know it like the back of your hand, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to eyeball something like a couch.
  • Know your needs. The perfect family-friendly couch needs to have enough room for your family, of course. It also should meet your needs right now. For example, if you’re in the baby stage, you need fabrics that stand up to stains and a style that doesn’t have sharp corners. If you don’t want to commit to just one style, couch rental is a great option; as your family grows, you can change the look of the living room.
  • Know your budget. This is an all-important factor in your family-friendly couch search. Save time and money with couch rental, and you’ll end up with lower costs, furniture you love, and a team who brings it over (and takes it away when you’re finished!).
  • Know your fabrics. Avoid fabrics with a pile, such as wool, chenille, and velvet, because they are pet hair magnets, and they’re high maintenance. Delicate fabrics like silk are unwise for families, too, and lighter colors are riskier. Basic, not brushed, twill is inexpensive and attractive, a great family-friendly fabric. If you’ve got removable covers, it’s even easier to maintain, because you can pop the twill covers right into the washer and dryer to get rid of everything from pet hair to preschooler prints.

Family-friendly Couch Rental

At Fashion Furniture, we are family-friendly couch rental experts, because we are a family business. Come discover which of our couches can be the heart of your new family space.


How Military Families Can Make a House a Home When They’re Constantly on the Move

How Military Families Can Make a House a Home When They're Constantly on the Move

Although no military family is the same as another, there is one thing most military families have in common: the ongoing challenges presented by the Permanent Change of Station (PCS). To civilians, this is the frequent moves that are sometimes described by those who lived through them as the lifestyle of the “military brat.” Moving is inevitable for military families, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a hurdle for your family from an emotional standpoint.

It can be hard to consider a new house a home until it is broken in and filled with family memorabilia. In this blog, we want to offer military families tips on how to make each house feel more like home right away, filled with love.


Before you go

Try to plan for your move in a way that helps your family feel as comfortable as possible. Give them ample time to say goodbye to their friends and family members, and encourage them to trade contact information. If they don’t have address books or those kinds of resources and they’re old enough to, help them start those habits.

Make your children part of the sorting, separating, organizing, and packing process that leads up to your move. Although moving is always a great time to get rid of what is no longer needed, don’t throw a power play over getting rid of an old, particularly precious toy or stuffed animal. Wait and avoid that conflict for now.

Make sure the whole family understands what’s going on with the move. Explain in detail where the new post is, how the move will go, where you’ll live when you get there, and as many details about the new location as you can get.


During the move

No matter how many times you do it, moving is stressful—and this goes double for your family! However, kids in particular benefit from having a stake in moving day. This means it pays to assign a task to each child for moving day—or, better still, to ask each child which role they’d like to play and make certain they do that. Include every family member in the game plan, letting each person know they are a valuable member of the team who is needed for the day to go well.


In the new house

Being in a new house can feel like being an occupying force in a strange land until you get used to it. When you get into the new place, a few confident steps in the right direction can put the whole family at ease:

  • Let your children choose how to decorate and arrange their new room.
  • Look for furnishings and decorative elements that appeal to your sense of style but don’t break the budget; rental furniture and even style and accent items is ideal for a family on the go and helps you quickly turn an empty house into a cozy home.
  • A coat of paint is a relatively easy way to give a room a different look and some personality.
  • Help your children hang photos of their friends and family members in their rooms along with posters of their favorite bands, teams, and movies to create a comfortable feel right away.
  • Hang family photos in the hallway and shared spaces—and do this as one of your first tasks.
  • Explore and investigate your new neighborhood with your kids; find interesting looking places to visit and things to do that might be fun.
  • Make use of online resources like the Military Child Education Coalition website as you transition into your new town.
  • Cook a familiar meal as soon as the dishes and pots are unpacked.
  • Look for the neighborhood park, after-school activities, and other places for your kids to meet new friends that have some of the same interests.
  • Help your children get the new address down cold right when you get into the new home.


Moving ahead together

As you settle in, get a look and feel you all love by working on your new home together. Whether you’re all seasoned pros with the PCS by now or gearing up for your first time, doing it as a family really does make it easier.

How to Choose a Furniture Rental Company

How to Choose a Furniture Rental Company


It goes without saying when you choose a furniture rental company you are looking for beautiful, high-end furniture at the right price for your budget. However, one of the most overlooked factors in the furniture rental business is service—and that’s one of the best features that Fashion Furniture offers its customers. In this post, we’re going to touch on some of the awesome customer service features that set Fashion Furniture apart from everyone else.


Clean, sanitized, and safe

One of the biggest reasons some people are leery of renting furniture is that they are worried about something other people have used being in their home. Fashion Furniture eliminates this factor in several ways. All furniture from Fashion is cleaned and sanitized upon its return to our warehouses. By the time we’re finished with this process, it is far cleaner than anything you’d see or use in an upscale hotel.

At Fashion, we also eliminate what is probably the biggest public health concern linked to furniture: bed bugs. We treat all of our merchandise preemptively for bed bugs, to arrest the problem before it ever starts. This is by far the best way since prevention is far more effective than trying to get rid of bed bugs. We take a proactive approach to ensure that we provide only safe, sanitary products for our customers.


Quality control

One of the best features you’ll find at Fashion Furniture Rental is something you may not notice right away because you will never see anything that doesn’t get past our quality control team. Our crew is highly trained in furniture repair and conducts quality control checks every time a piece of furniture comes into our warehouses.

The result is a seamless experience for our renters, who receive great looking, undamaged furniture every time; what makes it possible is the quality control that happens behind the scenes. This is one of our biggest strengths and something you won’t find elsewhere.


The convenience factor

A new generation of millennial consumers is choosing furniture rental, and the convenience factor is a considerable force behind that choice. At Fashion Furniture Rental, we take the convenience factor to the next level.

Our team does delivery, set up, and pick up of all furniture; never worry about borrowing a truck and struggling with heavy furniture again. We also exchange pieces for customers—to achieve a better match, get a new look, or for any other reason. You’ll also love the convenience of having design professionals right here in store who can help you choose a stylish, design-savvy look.


The personal touch

Finally, choose a furniture rental company that offers you the personal touch. At Fashion Furniture Rental, you get the high-end looks you might expect from a large company with the quality service and personal attention you can only get from a small business. You won’t find yourself lost in a customer service phone tree or otherwise up a creek without help when you need assistance with your furniture when you rent from Fashion because we stand by our furniture—and our service.


Final thoughts

Choosing a furniture rental company is an important decision because you want the best look for your home and you need to be able to rely on whoever supplies the furniture for your space. At Fashion Furniture Rental, we offer convenience, clean, sanitized and safe furniture, and a high level of personal service that includes serious quality control. Come find out why so many people already trust Fashion with their homes.


How to Revamp Your Dining Room on a Budget

Dining Room Furniture Rental

Just because you’re living on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t want to impress guests. With the right advice and some careful attention, you can revamp your dining room on a budget, and get that showroom look you’ve been after. Make sure you’re ready for your next dinner party and follow this advice on how to get a stylish dining room for less.

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Where to Buy Furniture in Orange County

Where to Buy Furniture in Orange County

If you’re looking to buy furniture in Orange County, there’s a brand new, totally unique option: the new Fashion Furniture Outlet store located in Fountain Valley. The store’s doors are officially open, and that means so is a new, amazing array of home décor options. Orange County customers bring high standards and particular requirements to the table when they shop for furniture. They’re looking for modern furniture that is stylish, hassle-free, and fits both their living space and budget. The brand-new Fashion Furniture Outlet is the perfect place to buy furniture that meets every one of those needs here in Orange County.

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Introducing Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

The wait is over: last month, Pantone chose the color of the year for 2018. The winner is Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a gutsy purple. Here we’ll discuss why Pantone selected Ultra Violet, give you a closer look at what it is, and a preview of where we’ll be seeing it in 2018.

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