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Furnishing Your Backyard for an Outdoor Event

Furnishing Your Backyard

Getting ready to host some amazing backyard get togethers this year? Or maybe you’re going all out and planning a major event like a wedding or family reunion? Either way, furnishing your backyard for an outdoor event is one of your most important tasks—and potentially one of the ways you can be most creative as you plan your bash. Here are some of our favorite tips for getting your backyard ready for any event.


Sit down and stay awhile

Make sure you’ve got adequate seating for all of your guests, and squeezing together on the edge of the planters doesn’t count. Refer to your final guest list and calculate how much seating you need. Then decide what kind of seating you want, and what will fit in the space.


If you don’t have enough seating, rent chairs. There are all kinds of options out there from streamlined folding chairs to full-sized cloth-upholstered dining room style chairs. Space, budget, and imagination are your only limits here, but be sure above all else that no one will end up standing around for hours.


Accent with color

An ordinary backyard can look extraordinary with the right additions of color. Paper lanterns in brilliant colors transform your yard into a party. Table linens in lovely shades draw your guests in and make them want to see what’s on the table.


Fresh or silk flowers in watering cans, painted crates, milk cans or bottles, stenciled jars, and other whimsical vessels can brighten up any space and lend the yard a more finished party atmosphere. If you can, add pillows or cushions to your chairs; comfortable guests stick around, and these accents are another great place to add color and texture.


Set a formal table

A backyard event can run the gamut from casual to formal. If you are going for a more formal evening event, rent real dining furniture to provide a stunning, over-the-top opulence. You will love how your china looks on a real table with linens in your yard under some fairy lights in the evening—a folding table makes no comparison.


Serve it up

If you’re throwing a larger event with a meal, you’re going to need large tables as well as chairs, and possibly food and beverage stations. Work from your guest list to be sure your seating is adequate. A bar works well for serving drinks, of course, and if you don’t have one you can often rent one. Any type of table can work in a pinch, so long as you’re sure there is enough space for serving.


As for food, if you want people to serve themselves, it’s usually better to have a surface that’s low enough to be reachable to all of your guests. If you’re using a caterer, ask them how much space is needed to set up the serving stations. If you’re doing it yourself, plan ahead so you’re positive you’ve got the right set up.


The kids area

If there are children coming to your event, create a space just for them. They’ll need places to sit and eat too, and ideally an area to play in where they won’t be disrupting any party business or getting in the way.


Plan out the space

As you consider which furnishings you need and want for your outdoor event, remember to consider not only the number of guests, but where you’ll want to be and what you’ll be doing. Your goal should be to create areas for guests to gather and mingle within those constraints.


For example, let’s say you’re having an all day/evening family reunion. You want people to be able to snack and eat anytime, but there’s no formal time to sit down and eat together. You want people to be able to play games in part of the yard. You also want an area for watching slides and old movies, and beyond that you just want people to be able to catch up. These activities will form the furniture “zones” in your yard.


As you choose furniture to rent for this example reunion event, think about your zones. You’ll want a buffet area with some tables and chairs in one part of the yard. You’ll want a games area in another, with at least some chairs, and maybe one table to hold drinks and other things. You’ll want a movie/slides space with comfortable seating surrounding a table or two, kind of like a living room space, only outside—and it will need to be convenient to an outlet. Finally, you’ll want one or more “conversation pits” with comfy seating and tables.


The bottom line

Furnishing your backyard the right way for your outdoor event can really make the difference, turning it into the success you’re hoping for. Especially for larger or more formal events, renting your furnishings so you’ve got exactly what you want and enough capacity for all of your guests makes your task far easier. If you’re looking for advice about renting furniture for an outdoor event, reach out to Fashion Furniture. We’re eager to help you with whatever you need—and we love parties!

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Who Rents Furniture (Infographic)

Who Rents Furniture

Have you ever wondered who rents furniture? Some of the answers may surprise you! Here are some of the people who rent furniture in the U.S.:

Who Rents Furniture Infographic


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  • Real estate agents and home stagers: professionals who sell and rent homes rent furniture so their properties sell and rent faster, at better prices.


  • People selling or renting their homes: individuals that need to sell or rent their homes and apartments do the same thing, improving their odds on the market.


  • Airbnb hosts: people who want to rent their room, home, apartment, trailer, or other space on sites like Airbnb rent furniture so their spaces look fabulous and inviting to visitors.


  • People getting divorced: it’s an unfortunate fact of life that if you’re getting a divorce or breaking up, you need your own place fast, and on a budget; furniture rental is made for this situation.


  • Professionals relocating or traveling for work: people who need to travel for work may need more than one home base, each one with furniture. They also might need to relocate, and renting furniture saves time, effort, and money.


  • Actors, athletes, and musicians: an athlete changing teams, an actor working on a new show, or a musician with a new gig might need to be in another city for awhile, but not permanently. Renting furniture in a new place is perfect for them.


  • Students: international students who come to the U.S. often rent furniture. So do students moving from state to state as they get their degrees. Even students who aren’t in a new state but who are off campus for the first time, or just in a new place often rent furniture. They don’t need permanent furniture yet, but they do need furniture to study.



There are lots of great reasons to rent furniture! That’s why so many different people are doing it.

Why You Should Rent Furniture to Stage Your Home

Why You Should Rent Furniture to Stage Your Home

If you’re trying to sell your home, you want every advantage working in your favor. Renting furniture to stage your home during the sales process is a tremendous advantage in almost any real estate market. Here are some of the most salient reasons to rent furniture and stage your home when you’re putting it on the market.


Staging creates an emotional reaction

Home staging isn’t about spending a ton of money; you rent furniture and stage with it to create an emotional reaction in potential buyers. The right atmosphere in the home is what entices people who enter the space. A home is a major purchase, and no one wants to spend that much money; most buyers need some kind of emotional hook or deep internal reaction to get them past that block and into making an offer. Staging your home in just the right way will allow your visitors to fall in love with your home as they envision themselves living in and enjoying the space.


Staging your home accentuates the positive

Is it easier to sell a house that’s just been totally remodeled? Probably! But most of us don’t have that extra $100,000 laying around. Instead, staging will get your home looking its absolute best during the time its on the market without the time, cost, or hassles of a renovation.


You can fill your home with beautiful furniture, stylish accessories, and stunning art and other décor for a fraction of the cost of remodeling. None of this will hide the flaws your home may have, but it will absolutely accentuate all of your home’s strengths and downplay those flaws. And when you work with a local furniture rental business, you get the added benefit of advice on how to use the furniture to place your house in the very best light.


An empty space leaves too much to the imagination

While it’s true that a large, empty room might be a wonderfully empty canvas full of possibilities for someone with a particularly vivid imagination, most of us aren’t like that—especially when we’re in business mode, searching for a new home that’s a great value and the perfect fit. Don’t rely on the imagination of others!


Show them how much possibility a space has by staging it with the perfect set of rental furniture. Renting furniture to create a complete, aesthetically pleasing look will still allow visitors to see other possibilities in a space; in fact, the staging will act like a jumping off point, giving them the context they need to imagine other uses for the space.


Houses that are staged sell faster—sometimes at higher prices

According to the 2016 research report from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), homes that were staged prior to going on the market spent 23 days there before selling on average. In contrast, the average on-market time for unstaged homes was 184 days. And while there is no clear research trend that indicates that staging is linked to higher sales prices, some individual sellers attribute their above asking price successes to staging.


The bottom line

If you’re about to place your home on the market, make sure it’s ready. You can sell it faster and earn the best possible sale price if you put the home’s best face on display. Renting beautiful, stylish furniture to stage the home gives it a complete, coordinated look—that model home appearance that most of us never achieve in real life—that tempts home shoppers. A home staged with the right rental furniture makes visitors fall in love, and turns them into buyers. If you’re ready to stage your apartment or next listing, contact our expert stagers to get started.

Tips for Choosing the Best Rental Furniture Set for You


Everyone wants to love the space they live in. The right furniture can mean the difference between a space you’re just passing the time in and a real home that you love. Choosing the best rental furniture set for you means balancing comfort, functionality, style, and value the right way. No one can set those parameters for you, but here at Fashion Furniture Rental, we have years of experience and tons of great ideas—so we’re pretty confident when we offer you these tips for choosing the best rental furniture set for you.


First, clarify your absolute needs

When it comes to a rental furniture set you probably have plenty of wants (“I love the look of dark leather upholstery”) and at least a few needs (“I need this furniture set to be in place by next week”). Start your journey toward finding the right set by clarifying what your absolute deal-breaking needs are. These will set the boundaries for your search; anything that doesn’t fit inside those parameters is impossible for you, no matter how much you like it, so don’t confuse the issue by considering sets that aren’t possibilities.


Move on to personal style

Think of how much time and effort you spend finding the right look for one event that’s important to you. Maybe it’s a charity ball or a graduation, or a wedding or some other special event, but whatever it is, you spend weeks of time creating your one-of-a-kind look—and all for just one night, right? Furniture is something you live with every single day for the long haul. It should take up at least as much planning time and capture your personal style as well.


Also, keep in mind that you’re looking for rental furnishings that “fit in” with your existing style while adding something new and fresh. Make sure that whatever style you choose, it matches well enough while staying innovative.


Plan your space and your furniture room by room

If you’re moving into a new place, take the time to think about what each room will be. What will you do in each room? Will one of your bedrooms be a den or an office? Make sure you know so that you’re getting the right rental furniture set. As you consider the layout and size of the home, you might come up with new, interesting ways to lay everything out—and that’s a great thing.


Focus on functionality

As you search for the perfect rental furniture set, examine each piece you’re considering individually as well as within the package. You need to be able to specify the unique role of every piece you rent. This helps you avoid the problems of careless spending and poor planning, and to organize your home in the most efficient way.



Cost is a critical factor to just about anyone shopping for rental furniture—or anything else, for that matter. The costs for different finishes, colors, and textiles can vary and cause your total rental bill to change. Remember to only choose pieces that are essential for your space, and that value is also determined by how well pieces will last over time.


The bottom line

At Fashion Furniture, we are your local rental furniture experts. No matter what your goals are, we can help you choose the best rental furniture set for you. Reach out to us anytime for more details and assistance in choosing furniture for your home.

What Is Your Design Style Quiz?


Everyone has their own design style and preferences, find out your home decor personality type by taking our design style quiz. Fulfill your decor needs by renting a complete home rental furniture set from Fashion Furniture Rental.

 Everyone has their own design style and preferences, find out your home decor personality type by taking our design style quiz. Fulfill your decor needs by renting a complete home rental furniture set from Fashion Furniture Rental.


The Benefits of Renting Furniture During a Life Transition

The Benefits of Renting Furniture During a Life Transition

Although many people prefer to rent furniture without any particular occasion prompting them, going through a life change is an especially wise time to rent furniture. Naturally, everyone handles major events in life differently, but for most people, there are some common themes to watch for. Here are some of the benefits of renting furniture during a life transition, and some ways to make the most of this awesome option.



If you’re about to get married and start a household together with another person, you may not be entirely prepared to buy everything you need right away—especially if you just paid for a wedding and honeymoon! Renting furniture in your newly married home is a wonderful way to recoup some money in those early days of wedded bliss, and put off the need to buy furniture for awhile.



Yes, although it may seem ironic to have both of these events here, it’s absolutely accurate to say that moving out again and starting your own household again can be an expensive prospect. Hopefully, your divorce is an amicable one, but if you’re paying for a lawyer, you are probably not ready to spend much money on things like home furnishings. Still, you can rent stylish, comfortable furniture at a fraction of the cost you’d buy it for, and avoid feeling like you’re back in college with nothing but a futon.



If you’re moving into a new place, renting furniture can be a lifesaver—especially if it’s a major move over a long distance. Moving is enough of a challenge; moving into a place that’s turnkey makes it a lot easier. Just ask anyone who’s had to move overseas:


“When I moved back to the States from Germany, I knew that my household goods would not arrive for 3 or 4 months. I could have sat on a dark floor huddled in a blanket, but I went straight to work. Renting enough furniture to get me through the waiting period was essential. The company provided enough kitchen ware, a dining room table, and chairs. I also found a sofa with end tables and a coffee table, plus a bedroom suite. It was so wonderful to walk into my apartment with everything already set up. If I ever find myself in that position again, I won’t hesitate to rent again.” Says Mary Ellen, the Lead Copy Writer at Parker’s Voice.


Renting or selling your home

If you’re working to rent or sell your home and you’re no longer living there, it can be a challenge to give the place the homey, comfortable look it needs to feel like home to potential renters or buyers. Renting furniture to make the property look perfect is a fantastic solution to this problem:


“As part of my job I’ve cleaned or supervised jobs for many rental properties in London, and my opinion is based on my experience with them. Renting furniture fits extremely well with home staging. It is quite convenient for people who are sprucing up their properties for the purpose of selling it. Usually, buyers won’t pay much attention to unfurnished properties, and this is where furniture rental steps in. It is a great way to increase the value of a house and make it more attractive to the potential buyers without paying a fortune.” Says Harriet Jones, cleaning and maintenance supervisor of Go Cleaners London.


The bottom line

Major life events can present some of the best times to rent furniture. Renting furniture provides you with a stunning look for less money and no hassles—and when you’re in the midst of a life transition, saving money, time, and energy are almost always of high importance. As your household changes with marriage or divorce, or you make a major move to a new city, or your place your house on the market for sale or rent, renting furniture is often a fantastic choice.

The Advantages of Renting Furniture from a Small Business

The Advantages of Renting Furniture from a Small Business

At Fashion Furniture Rental, we make it a point to showcase our small business attitude. There are so many benefits to working with a family owned company! We love to see that each of our customers takes advantage of each one of them. That’s why today we’re posting about the many benefits of working with a small, family-owned business, whether you’re renting furniture or doing just about anything else.

Buying local is great for your local economy

Improve your local economy by supporting a small, family business. More of your money will stay in your community when you do; research shows that $68 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in town, whereas only $43 of each $100 spent in a big box store stays local. What’s more, family businesses support each other. They source locally and keep the community thriving, especially since they’re deeply invested in their locality.


Family businesses are efficient

Many people think a smaller family business won’t be as efficient as a big company, but actually, the opposite is usually true! A family “team” can meet and discuss a game plan for the business day and get right to work on it. Speed is the natural result of a lack of middlemen and red tape.


Better service

If you have ever been forced to try and wrangle good service out of a large corporation, you know how difficult it can be. You find yourself calling to ask for help, only to be connected to a call center somewhere around the world—but not before you’ve been on hold for 20 minutes. And while you may have a friendly representative, they have no power over your case, nor are they invested in the outcome. When you work with a small, family business you’re talking to the whole business each time you come in. Your problems are taken seriously and resolved. At Fashion, we’re proud to say that no matter when you call us–day or night–you’ll be connected to a customer care team member.


The personal touch

In addition to customer service that’s better and more effective, a small family business gives you the personal touch you can’t get anywhere else. Shopping at this kind of business allows you to know the people you’re working with, and forge a connection. It also allows them to know you! This means they’ll understand what you want and need, and they will be able to craft bespoke solutions just for you. If you want tailored options, ask a small family business.


Innovation passes from one generation to the next

Innovation isn’t owned by huge tech companies alone! Businesses that can’t stay current can’t keep their customers happy. A family business gets a fresh infusion of energy and great ideas regularly as younger members of the family join the company. This means better ideas and more innovative strategies.


Local flavor

Keep your community unique by supporting the local flavor of a small business. These are the businesses that make a community what it is. There may be a Starbucks and a Wal-Mart in every town, but that small business run by a local family in your area is one-of-a-kind, and along with other local business, they are setting your town apart from every other place in the world. As you get better service, more unique products, and the personal touch, you are helping your community remain a unique destination.


The bottom line

When you’re in the market for beautiful, stylish furniture to rent, avoid the big box. The advantages of renting furniture from a small business include better service, a stronger and more unique local economy, more efficiency and innovation, and the personal touch. With so many benefits, there’s no better way to find the comfort and look you want for your home. Fashion Furniture Rental has furniture for every lifestyle. Shop our complete home packages and furniture collections to make your new space feel like home.


Fashion Furniture Rental Expands Collection with Addition of New, Modern Sets

press release closeup illustration design graphic newspaper

SAN DIEGO, May 8, 2017 — Fashion Furniture Rental, a leading rental furniture company offering innovative solutions for residential, commercial, and home-staging furniture rental applications in all California markets, announces the expansion of its product offering with the addition of new furniture sets.

“We’re thrilled to enhance our product offering with new, stylish furniture,” said Fashion Furniture Rental CEO, Dave Brackett. “We meticulously researched the latest trends in furniture design for multiple lifestyles, and selected the very best across the board. To be able to offer these sets to individuals and families in California makes us very proud.”

Fashion Furniture Rental offers whole house furnishings in well-thought-out and beautifully designed sets. The addition of the most up-to date selections is designed for any customer. The choices also feature electronics, houseware options, home accessories, and more.

“Of course convenience and quality are at the center of focus at Fashion Furniture, but it’s their eye for design that sets its home furnishings apart,” said Karianne Scheevel, Director of Inventory at the affiliated company, Parker Rose Design. “When selecting pieces to add to a collection, or designing a new collection, staying on top of new materials, the latest trends and overall functionality is essential and will create a varied inventory to meet every client’s style needs. These new furniture sets do just that!”

Fashion Furniture Rental is a convenient furniture solution for people in transition, business travelers, students, or people looking for a temporary furniture answer. The latest design trend additions reflect the dedication of Fashion Furniture to their customers, answering the need of stylish, well designed furniture for rent. To learn more and view the new collections go to www.fashionfurniture.com.

About Fashion Furniture Rental, Inc.: Fashion Furniture Rental and its affiliated company, Parker Rose Design, is a family owned company based in San Diego, California, operating throughout Southern and Northern California. Known for its flexibility and outstanding customer service, Fashion specializes in providing rental furniture for corporate housing companies, apartment dwellers and furniture staging companies. Additionally, Parker Rose Design provides expert staging to the real estate industry throughout California.