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The Environmental Benefits of Renting Furniture

The Environmental Benefits of Renting Furniture

It may not be immediately obvious, but there are major environmental benefits to renting furniture. This is true for almost any lifestyle because when you decide to rent furniture, you’re saving not just time and money, but also energy and resources. Take a look at how your decision to rent furniture makes a positive impact on the environment:

Reduce Waste

Renting furniture creates less waste and recycles materials that already exist. Furniture rental also reduces demand for raw materials like wood, which can be destructive to natural habitats, and foam, which is an artificial product that is not biodegradable and requires chemicals in its manufacture. Renting furniture also saves usable furniture from landfills; when you get tired of it, rental furniture can be processed and rented again.

Go Vintage

Furniture rental allows you to indulge a vintage, retro sense of style without doing damage to the environment. Reusing furniture, either by renting it or using antique pieces, allows for a look that’s both hip and functional. Whether you want a genuine antique, or you’re looking to rent a piece that’s relatively new yet has a vintage look, it doesn’t make sense to buy something new

Stay Sustainable

Furniture rental is also ideal for the person who cares about sustainable living in all aspects of their homelife. If running your household sometimes feels like a job, the practical reuse of furniture and only renting what’s needed is a smart strategy. Just as you’ll stretch your budget by shopping at secondhand stores for clothes, a reuse philosophy guiding your home furnishing strategy saves you money and gets the job done.

Simplify Your Home

Looking to simplify your life and leave less of a footprint? When less really means more, working to declutter your life feels great—and renting furniture is a great way to keep things simpler. You won’t waste extra mental and economic effort buying the furniture outright, and you won’t worry about transporting it or setting it up, because the company does it for you. Once you’re done with the furniture, voila! Call the furniture rental company and they are right on it, there to pick up all your items and leave you with a blank slate once more.

Millennials and Renting

There are several amazing reasons the Millennial generation is renting furniture more than other generations. One of them is that Millennials care about the environment, more than every other generation before them so far. They want to fight climate change and they don’t want to generate lots of garbage—and that includes durable goods that should be reused and recycled, like furniture.

Renting is Convenient

Millennials aside, we have all entered the convenience era. We can get just about anything delivered to us at home without ever leaving, and furniture is on that list. For most of us, saving our gas money and gaining the convenience of never carting furniture around is a huge win—for us and the planet. Furniture rental is a huge modern convenience that allows for a greener, less wasteful lifestyle.

Save yourself a number of hassles and lots of money, and save the planet at the same time. Take advantage of the environmental benefits of renting furniture, and reap your own benefits as well.

10 Unique Summer Decorating Tips for Your Home

10 Unique Summer Decorating Tips for Your Home

Looking for some great decorating tips to summer-up your home? We’ve got some fun, budget-friendly advice you can use this season to get your place staycation-worthy.

Add a Splash of Color, or a Few

There are a million ways to add color to your home, and summer is the perfect time to do it. Change neutral wall art out for colorful graphic paintings, or replace existing table centerpieces with vibrant fresh flowers. Shop flea markets or antique stores for colorful pieces of tableware, or rent a new set of dishes for summer in a bright, exciting color—no need to commit beyond a few months.

Aim to create more contrast by swapping darks out for deep, rich colors and brightening up your existing lights. You can swap bland tones for summery hues with paper, fabric, or paint, without a major investment of money or time.

Add Some Visual Interest

Few things feel more summery than colorful stripes over white. Transform white cushions, cloth, or canvas into something special for the season using painter’s tape to create a place for fabric paint stripes.

Move it Outside

Now that the weather is beautiful again, it’s time for eating, drinking, and being merry outside. Move your party outside with a low table, cushions, bean bags, or floor pillows to sit on, and candles or strings of outdoor lights in any color. Keep your color combinations bright and exciting, with white as a counter-hue.

Move Outside In

For those times you won’t be outside, bring the great outdoors into the house. Summer feels real when signs of green plants, seashells, and other outdoor items are inside, especially when they bring pops of color with them. Live plants that flower look gorgeous inside anything from a large seashell to a colored glass bowl to an antique tin can atop a plant stand.

Tend Bar

If you’re hosting lots of fun summer get togethers, fresh and fruity summer drinks are surely on the menu. Mix and serve them from a dedicated “bar,” even if you haven’t got one, by transforming a console table into a mini cocktail bar.

Botanical Themes

Even if growing live plants isn’t your thing, you can bring a summer feeling home with botanical themes in your décor. A throw rug with flowers and leaves on it, colorful floral pillows, or sheer bamboo forest draperies all add a summery botanical look to your place.

Set a Pretty Mixed-up Table

To get that summertime bohemian look and vibe, think about finding accent dishes in different summery patterns and colors to add life to your next dinner. Mix bright dishes with tropical, botanical, or even nautical themes into your normal place settings. Your guests can also enjoy your homemade sangria or other cocktails out of differently-sized glass jars.

Repurpose a Fireplace and Mantel

It’s going to be awhile before you need to build a fire for warmth, so turn that cozy focal point into something perfect for the lazy days and nights of the summer season. Fill the grate with driftwood, coral, or candles in colored glass vessels.

Hang Flowy Curtains

Let that sunshine in with gauzy, flowy curtains for the summer months. Get just enough privacy for your indoor time, while achieving a beautiful look and breezy feel.

Choose New Focal Points

If your living room set normally focuses on a fireplace or a television, mix it up for the summer. Rearrange your furniture in a different direction, maybe towards doors to the patio or a sunny window. If you’ve already swapped out heavy drapes for flowy, sheer curtains, you can take it up a notch by renting a beachy-looking room of summer furniture for a totally new look for less money.

Enjoy Your Summer!

Get into our unique summer decorating tips for your home. This budget-friendly advice should have you ready for an endless summer of family, friends, and fun. For more décor tips and furniture to fit your home no matter what season it is, visit us here at Fashion Furniture.


And, be sure to click around the image below to learn about additional beach-themed design options for your home!

Budget Tips for Mid-Century Modern Décor

Budget Tips for Mid-Century Modern Décor

Mid-century modern (MCM) is a look that’s got staying power. The great news is that it’s easy to achieve this versatile, stylish look. By focusing on several key items with lively colors, geometric patterns, and streamlined shapes that embody the mid-century modern style, you can capture the look throughout your home. Here are some budget-friendly ways to get that hot look straight from the experts.

Upcycle your look

Interior designer and fabric specialist Nicola Croughan recommends upcycling as a great way to achieve mid-century modern style without the huge price tag.

“You needn’t spend a fortune on vintage pieces or expensive remakes. Instead, I recommend choosing cheap and simple pieces of furniture and then styling them up with mid-century touches. For example, a basic shelving unit from Ikea can have retro wood or hair pin legs attached for a more personalized and retro feel. White pieces tend to be the cheaper option, so consider fabric wraps or sanding and painting for an authentic mid-century modern look.”

Scour the internet

If you can’t pay top dollar for the mid-century modern look, take your time and shop around on various sites, checking them weekly—places like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Even local antique dealers keep updated stock so you can see what’s out there.

Adam Watson, Head of Interior Design at Decorelo, likes to put the word out when he’s looking for something special: “If you have a particular piece, let the dealer know to look out for it, and then they can give you call once they find one. You can always go down the replica design route also if you want new and are on a budget.”

Tinne Van Loon, the Founder and Creative Director at Baladi Home, recommends that you dig a little deeper during your online searches: “Don’t just enter “mid-century modern” in the search box, go through all of the furniture listings. Multiple times I have found cheap ($150 or less) MCM pieces in absolutely beautiful condition this way. Sometimes elderly people pass away and the children don’t want the furniture because it doesn’t fit in their decor and they don’t understand the value of it, so it may simply be listed as “furniture” or “desk” with no description.”

Don’t be a label snob

When it comes to mid-century modern, brand names aren’t everything. Reyne Hirsch, a 20th century decorative arts expert, published author, and former appraiser on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow,” confirms the value in mixing bigger names with lesser-known designers: “It doesn’t have to be a noted designer to be great. There are many companies that were creating beautiful things from the 1950s-70s that weren’t as well known and therefore cost less. Mixing lesser known makers with a few key pieces can still create a great look.”

Hit the estate sales and thrift stores

Shopping estate sales, garage sales, and even second-hand shops is another fantastic way to find some hidden mid-century gems. “Great pieces still turn up at places like this, and often at a fraction of their market value,” confirms Hirsch. “Often, homeowners are downsizing or relocating and have had their home furnishings since they were made. They see these items as outdated and don’t realize their collectability. You can find a lot of great lighting, ceramics and furniture items to decorate your home this way.”

Drew Henry, founder of Design Dudes, agrees: “Go thrifting! There are lots of stores and garage sales to check out for MCM furniture. Best part, you can refinish it to match you own look and make it fresh.”

Get creative with DIY and artistic styling

Take your upcycling further and actually create your own art for a mid-century look. Drew Henry dares you to try your hand at creating a graphic mid-century aesthetic: “One idea is to spray paint a canvass with coasters. Do one half where you arrange the coasters on top, spray over, and remove. Then paste the sprayed coasters on the other half. This will create an awesome inverse graphic look for cheap! Use fun mid-century colors like teal, orange, or pink.”

Start small

There’s no law that says you need only high-end mid-century modern pieces to get the look you want. You can find pieces with the right style at low prices in the right kind of store, according to Drew Henry: “I would recommend looking a lower price point stores who carry mid-century styled items. I would check out Wayfair, World Market, Ikea, and watch out for sales at West Elm.”

You can also aim for smaller items for accents: “Start off investing in some smaller items, like pillows and accessories,” remarks Henry. “You can find some cool things at Target and Urban Outfitters. Definitely worth taking a look.”

Get the mid-century modern look today

Are you ready for a new look in your home? Whether you’re a mid-century modern aficionado or just curious about the look, you can get this style in your place on a budget if you follow these tips. For more home style advice and furniture you can afford in any style, come speak with the Fashion Furniture team today, and don’t forget to take our quiz to find out which mid-century modern furniture piece best fits with your personality!

The Real Cost of Furniture Staging

The Real Cost of Furniture Staging

If you’re already getting ready to move, then you probably don’t want to incur any extra costs. However, furniture staging is an essential expense for anyone who wants to sell quickly and get more money for their home, even in a cold market. Furniture staging allows you to optimize your home’s appeal for the most potential buyers, which is why it is actually a cost-saving measure.

Furniture staging makes more money

90 percent of real estate agents agree that furniture staging does affect selling price. In fact, agents from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) have revealed that nearly half of the home offers they receive are higher when the home has furniture staging, and that staging can increase a home’s value by up to 20 percent!

On average, the cost of furniture staging is typically around one to three percent of the asking price. However, homes that are staged often earn a tidy 6 percent more than asking price! The bottom line is that an initial investment in furniture staging can yield an 8 to 10 percent return on investment.

Furniture staging sells faster

They say time is money, and that is never truer than when you’re trying to sell your old house. Furniture staging decreases the amount of time houses stay listed. Research shows that 62 percent of sellers’ agents say furniture staging shrinks listing time, sometimes cutting the listed time in half! This comes out to an average of about 42 days on the market. As an added bonus, the data from the NAR has shown that potential buyers are even more willing to overlook problems with the home if furniture staging is present.

Furniture staging is what the pros do

If you need another reason to invest in furniture staging, then you should know that this is a practice realtors adhere to in order to get the best sale. According to the NAR 2017 Profile of Home Staging, 38 percent of sellers’ realtors stage all of the homes they represent before listing them, because they know it affects the way buyers view the home.

Furniture staging also helps buyers “see” themselves in the home, both online and in person. 90 percent of home shoppers look online first, and furniture staging enables your listing to have plenty of gorgeous photos to attract serious buyers. According to NAR, more than 81 percent of agents for potential buyers said furniture staging made it easier for their buyer to see the home as their future residence. The pros trust furniture staging for a reason—it works!

Compare the costs

When you consider the fact that you’ll receive an 8 to 10 percent return on your furniture staging investment, and sell your house faster for more money, it’s hard to argue against furniture staging. Though the initial cost may seem unappealing, it’s actually an investment that pays off in the end. In terms of absolute costs, furniture staging actually saves you money. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, take a look at our home staging program to get started!



Why Renting Furniture is Better Than Buying Furniture [Infographic]

Why Renting Furniture Is Better Than Buying Furniture [Infographic]

So, you’re ready to start school and prove your academic mettle. Make a totally smart move before your program even starts: rent your furniture instead of buying it.


Why Renting Furniture Is Better Than Buying Furniture


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When you buy: Getting what you want means shopping in endless stores, getting what you choose to your house, and moving it every time you get a new place—assuming you don’t get bored with what you chose or could afford. It also often means trying to put the furniture together, which takes a lot of time, patience, and sanity to spare.

When you rent: Choose the perfect look online, for a hassle free/worry free student furniture solution for you and your parents. Click the button, and the whole set shows up at your door, like a pizza, but much cooler—with complete delivery and set-up within 48 hours! You don’t have to put it together. You can even have a place to lay your head all ready for when you move in.

Time to move? Again, no problem. You don’t have to sell rental furniture when you move out, and you don’t have to store it. They take it away, too, with 6 and 9 month leases available! And if you decide to stay, you just rent it month to month. Done. Your time is valuable!


When you buy: Watch out. Even if you go as cheap as possible, it can cost $1500 and you still have to put it together. Also, if you’re a student and you don’t have a car, how will you get furniture from the store to your apartment? Do you want to pay for delivery? If you get tired of it, too bad, you blew your whole budget on Day One. (Plus, what do you do with it after you move?)

When you rent: You know the bottom line up front, and it’s inexpensive, with budgets designed to work for students—you can get a complete apartment full of furniture starting at only $99 per month! Plus, one fee includes delivery, set-up and pick-up. You get the furniture that looks nice enough for a working professional on a student budget.


When you buy: You’re contributing to the loss of resources and the carbon footprint when you buy new furniture. This goes double for each piece you leave behind and replace.

When you rent: Reduce, reuse, recycle! Renting furniture is giving the same pieces new life, reducing the amount of resources burned on furniture, and minimizing your carbon footprint.

The bottom line

Make life easy for yourself, your roommates, and your parents. Save money, time, sweat equity, and the planet by renting your furniture!

The Best Way to Furnish Your First Apartment After Graduation

The Best Way to Furnish Your First Apartment After Graduation

You made it! You’ve graduated, and you’re starting a new life with a real job, a real apartment all your own—some serious adulting. However, you’re working for an entry-level salary, and probably paying off student loans and credit cards. You may not be staying where you are for too long, either. So how do you get set up on a budget?

Here are some tips on the best way to furnish your first apartment after graduation so you can live comfortably and happily without breaking your budget.

Furniture Rental

Especially since you might move before too long, renting furniture is a great option for your first apartment after graduation. Furniture rental allows you to select a full apartment of beautiful, clean furniture that goes together—and pay much less. Plus, it gets delivered to your new apartment right when you need it, and picked up as soon as you don’t.

Fabric Store Fashion

If you can’t paint your walls to add flair, hit the fabric store. For just a few dollars per yard, you can find fabrics that you love to cover accent walls, tapestry-style. You can also spruce up older furniture or bedding with splashy, colorful fabrics. Need some colorful accents in the kitchen or by your desk? Cover an old cork board with a piece of fabric and trim it with ribbon or tape for a cool new look.

Recycle Your Décor

A great source of funky décor is the estate sale and yard sale scene. Check online listings every week to see what’s happening on the weekend. You’ll find everything from wall art to rugs, and it’ll be priced to move.

Au Naturale

Bring a little bit of outside into your apartment to make it your own. Hang plants with swag hooks, or place them on plant stands or tables. If you get a lot of sun, try a nearly-impossible-to-kill cactus garden. If you’re planning on cooking in your new place, get an herb garden growing—also a money saver! It looks beautiful and smells even better, and you can use the herbs in your dishes.

Get Painting

Sure, you may not be allowed to paint your walls, especially not that cobalt blue color you’re craving. But you can definitely paint an old wood nightstand you pick up at a thrift store that color, and it’ll look interesting and cool when you do. You can also buy cheap, unfinished photo frames and paint them to add lots of visual interest to your walls. Hang photos or posters in them, or even unexpected items like dried plants and flowers, doilies, or a family heirloom.

Family Pride

Speaking of heirlooms, don’t forget to show your family pride when you’re decorating. Old family photos make dull walls an interesting focal point. A wooden basket with baby shoes in it can be a conversation piece. Your great-grandmother’s old manual typewriter or sewing machine, or grand-dad’s antique phonograph, or even some old vinyl records are amazing decorative items if you can get them out of your parents’ attic—and they’re absolutely free, too.

Tying It All Together

Your first apartment doesn’t have to look like college, the sequel. You can create a space that feels like home and stay well within a budget by following a few simple tips. And don’t forget, if you want more advice on the best way to furnish your first apartment after graduation, the team at Fashion Furniture is here to help you create a gorgeous apartment that fits your budget. Give us a call!

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Tips For A Smooth Move Out Day For Students

Tips For A Smooth Move Out Day For Students

So, you’re finished with school for the year—or maybe for good! It’s time to move out. Moving is always somewhat of a chore, but there are ways to make your move out day smoother and easier. Here are some tips for a smooth move out day for students who want to keep it simple.

Start Smart: Rent Your Furniture

When you buy your furniture, you pay more for less and are stuck with it—that much is a given. But beyond that, you’re actually paying more to lose out on a lot of convenience that renting can give you. When you choose furniture rental, not only does the company deliver and set up your furniture, someone else can disassemble and take the furniture away, making move out day that much easier. That process also lowers your moving and storage bills in a major way.

Plan Ahead

The night before the move, if you’re still figuring out how or when you’re going to pack things, where you’ll store your stuff, or what to do with the cat, you’ve waited a little too long. Don’t do this to yourself; plan ahead. You can get everything done—even if you have a huge house and a family—with eight weeks of lead time.

As a general frame of reference, about eight weeks before the move, know who the movers are, even if they’re your friends. Make sure you have a truck secured for the big day. At about six weeks, start filling out forms (like change of address, new insurance) and clean out closets and lesser-used cabinets. At four weeks before the move, make sure your new utilities are set. Know where your moving supplies like boxes and packing tape are coming from.

At two weeks to moving, start packing! With one week left, confirm things like reservations for moving trucks and pet sitting. With a few days left before the move, you should mostly be done.

Know What Your School Requires

If you’re living on campus or off-campus in housing that’s connected to the school in any way, make sure you know about any move out rules they’ve set. You don’t want to be halfway across the country only to learn that you were supposed to meet with someone from Housing in your old place. Check this out several weeks before you move—everyone else is moving out too, so Housing will be busy.

Don’t Forget About Cleaning

The furniture rental place came, you’ve packed all of your things, and the place is finally empty—except for the garbage that is somehow piled up in every corner, and the 2 inches of dust that seems to be caking everything. Gross!

The problem is that you also packed your cleaning supplies, right? Don’t forget this part. Not only can you lose your deposit, it’s just plain rude to leave your place like that. If you know you won’t have time to do it yourself, call a cleaning service. A one-time cleaning probably won’t break your bank and may just get you that deposit back.

Good Luck

It’s time to move on to the next big adventure. If you rent your furniture, plan ahead, know what your school requires during move outs, and remember to clean, you’re going to be in great shape!


Renting Furniture in LA

Renting Furniture in LA

Are you curious about renting furniture in LA? Lots of people are, because moving in Los Angeles is not only expensive, it’s also a hassle! Our LA customers are looking for the right look, with furniture that is stylish, modern, makes the best use of their space, affordable, and hassle-free. The Fashion Furniture showroom in Los Angeles is the source for renting furniture in LA that meets every one of those requirements.

Renting High-End Furniture in Los Angeles

Back in the day, rental furniture options were limited, but those days are over. Renting high-end furniture in Los Angeles is easy with Fashion. At Fashion Furniture, we carry everything from sleek, modern-looking furniture to high-end designs you might see on the big screen or in the pages of a home and garden magazine. We know our customers want to keep up with the trends, so we do it for them. Anytime you browse for rental furniture in LA with us, you’re choosing from the newest looks and the best quality.

Coordinated Rental Furniture Saves You Time

In LA, every square foot of space comes at a premium price. When you throw together furniture you picked up here and there, you don’t just pay for it aesthetically; you also spend lots of hours fighting traffic and going from store to store to mix and match what you want for your home. On the other hand, when you rent furniture, you get a coordinated set that was literally made to work together in a space. For that seamless ability to fit like a glove inside your space, ask our talented design staff for help. Either way, you’ll be saving time by renting furniture.

Stylish Furniture Rentals

Everyone needs furniture, of course, but that doesn’t mean our Los Angeles customers don’t want style. We know that our customers are looking not just for a deal; they want to create a certain look and feel in their homes. At Fashion, we can help you get the right rental furniture to help you express your personal style, with the best brand names and the hottest looks for your home.

Renting Furniture in LA is Hassle Free

Let’s face it: hauling furniture around is a hassle. One of the main reasons people rent furniture is so they don’t have to deal with this. At Fashion Furniture, our business is taking the hassle out of your life. We can ensure that your place is ready for move in when you are, from the last fork in the drawer to the smallest decorative detail. No truck rental, no heavy lifting, no unpacking, no assembly: just a beautifully decorated home, ready for you when you walk in the door.

The best part isn’t even on that first day, when you walk into your new turnkey home. It’s when you’re ready to move again! When it’s time to go or you’re just ready for a change, leave that to us. Simply let us know when you are done with your furniture. Just like we brought it to you and set it up for your move-in day, we come get it again on the move-out day. It’s so easy!

Beautiful Furniture within Your Budget

One of the best things about renting furniture in LA is cost. Living in Los Angeles is expensive enough! Renting furniture saves you time, hassle, and it can also save you plenty of money, making LA a much easier place to live. Our team at Fashion can help you figure out that budgetary sweet spot for furniture to rent in LA. We’ll make sure you love the way it looks, too.

Fashion Furniture in Los Angeles

Fashion Furniture is the best option for renting furniture in LA. Come see us today and find out why we have so many loyal customers who choose Fashion again and again.